The Global Forum for Disaster Reduction (GFDR) is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable disaster reduction through a synergy of knowledge and skills. In keeping with the spirit of the millennium development compact, we at GFDR propose to tap global experiences, knowledge and skills for the development of national and local development strategies - hence our motto is global vision and local action. The USP of GFDR is the creation of a vital, extensive and comprehensive database, updated constantly to accelerate the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation towards sustainable development.

GFDR aims to provide a platform wherein the needs of the corporate sector are addressed by evolving training systems, assessing their on and off site planning, developing modules and risk management framework.

GFDR would aim to mobilize the sector in synergising efforts towards effective disaster reduction thus sensitising them of their social responsibility. It would also draw lessons from the instances of involvement of the sector across globe.Taking cognizance of fact that there is a serious lack of data depicting the losses incurred by the sector (in relation to the infrastructure, work hours, production etc.), GFDR aims to collate all relevant data related to disasters that would sensitise the sector for an immediate need of action.


Let's Wish Together for A "Green Earth, Blue Sky "

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